Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

AMSL defines recruiting as a process of finding and attracting capable applicant for employment, or a function preceding the selection which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that the management can select the right candidates from the pool.

At AMSL, we are flexible to handling the three types of recruitment needs;

  • Planned – Arising from changes in Organizational structure, policy of retirement or other HR policies
  • Anticipated – Movement of employees which an Organization can predict by studying trends in internal and external environment
  • Unexpected – Due to resignation, death, accident, illness etc


AMSL considers both Internal and External sources of recruitment.

An internal source of recruitment seeks to fill positions from among the rank of those currently employed. Sources of Internal recruitment are;

Job posting/advertising – Announcements for positions is made available to all employees through Notice boards. When properly done, job posting can substantially improve quality of job placement that made within the organization.

External recruitment can be important when a firm cannot get all the employees they need from the current staff, or when the firm wants to inject a new perspective into running the organization. We consider selecting the right employee very important for three main reasons, namely;

  • Performance – Employees with right skills and attributes will do a better job for the organization.
  • It is costly to hire and recruit employees in terms of interviewing time, reference checking, travelling etc.
  • Legal implication of incompetent hiring can be costly and lead to court redress.


AMSL has a unique ability to source highly qualified candidates for clients through its networks within various industry sectors. We enable start-ups, emerging and established companies to acquire professional and talented staff of all cadres.
We are committed to offer our clients a well-developed shortlist that matches your candidate, temporary/ part time placements and a guarantee of confidentiality and regular feedback throughout the assignment.

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AMSL is responsible for processing salaries, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and other allowances for all our outsourced staff. As far as payroll management is concerned, AMSL responsibilities will include...