Orientation and Induction

Orientation and Induction

 If you outsource your staff with AMSL, we help the new employees get started in the right direction and with a positive attitude towards work. AMSL will make your employees more comfortable, knowledgeable and ready to work within the firm's culture, structure and employees mix.

AMSL's main purpose for Orientation;

  • To send clear message and provide accurate information about the company culture, jobs and expectations.
  • Reduce Turnover – If employees see themselves as ineffective, unwanted or unneeded, they may react by quitting. Turnover is high during the break in period and effective orientation can reduce this costly reaction.
  • To save time – Improperly oriented employees must still the get the job done, and to do so they need help. The most likely people to provide this help are co-workers and supervisors who will have to spend time breaking into the employees. With AMSL, we offer good orientation programs that saves everyone's time.
  • Develop realistic expectations – New employees must learn realistically what the organization expects of them and their own expectation of the job must neither be too low nor too high.


Below is AMSL content of orientation programs

Once orientation is complete, the employee is inducted into the new job by showing details of how the job is done.

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AMSL is responsible for processing salaries, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and other allowances for all our outsourced staff. As far as payroll management is concerned, AMSL responsibilities will include...